Tuna Knobs

Do you use music production software but you miss the hardware feel?
Tuna Knobs are what you are looking for!
With Tuna Knobs you can transform your smartphone or tablet into a midi controller or DJ controller.
Tuna Knobs will give you the hardware feel you will get from a midi controller or
DJ controller while still having the versatility from the software that you love to use.
Tuna Knobs in combination with your smartphone or tablet is a portable music production solution.
The portability allows you to take your Tuna Knobs for gigging, or music production everywhere you go.
Some sets of Tuna Knobs come with a travel case.
Tuna Knobs are compatible with various software applications such as TouchOSC or Lemur.
A list of supported applications can be found here. With our knobs, the sky is the limit.
Turn your smartphone or tablet into a controller with hardware feel whenever you want.
The possibilities are endless.
For instance, use your tablet with the knobs to control your DAW or to control DJ software during a live set!


At one point, I forgot that I was tweaking on a tablet because it felt like I was working with a hardware mixer.

Joey Santos on Digital DJ Tips

@DJJoeySantos Assistant Editor at Digital DJ Tips

6 knobs to rule my iPad.

James Zabiela on Instagram

@JamesZabiela DJ / Producer / Record Label Owner