Get started

So you just got your Tuna Knobs and you’re not quite sure how to get started? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. First off, let’s talk about devices.

Tuna Knobs work on a touchscreen, so you’ll need one of those. iOS, Android or Windows does not matter.

Next up you need an app. See the Apps page for a list of compatible apps and make sure you have one of these installed on your device. For this example we’ll use our personal favorite: TouchOSC.

Once installed you need to get a layout into TouchOSC. You can use the standard templates, download fancy templates at StageTaken or get our free but basic one, or create one yourself using the TouchOSC Editor. Check the TouchOSC documentation on how to do this. Also make sure the rotary dials in your template are slightly larger than a Tuna Knob (for an iPad, a diameter of 130 pixels works fine).

Once you’ve uploaded the template you are ready to start using your Tuna Knobs. Start up the app and place the Tuna Knobs on the dials. To secure the Tuna Knobs on the screen, push down on the top of the axis until the suction cup is fully attached to the screen. Make sure both the screen and the suction cup are clean.

Now you are ready to start twisting away. Tuna Knobs are essentially styluses and the black rubber is responsible for the conductivity. For the best results, make sure you always turn a knob by touching the black rubber and with slight downwards pressure. This ensures the touchscreen picks up the Tuna Knob signal. This takes some practice, but don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

If you’re done with playing around with your Tuna Knobs, simply pull them off of the screen. Don’t worry about using some force, Tuna Knobs are sturdy enough to withstand it.