Midi Controllers

If you are looking for midi controllers, Tuna Knobs might just be with you need!
With Tuna Knobs you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a Midi Controller in an instance.
In combination with various software applications on your device,
Tuna Knobs will transform your device into a dedicated midi controller.

For instance use your tablet to control midi parameters in your DAW.
Various software applications make it possible to map an encoder to any midi parameter in your DAW.
This way you can assign any function you need!
Snap your Tuna Knobs onto your device and you can control your software just like with a midi controller.

A lot of musicians and producers already own a device that is compatible with Tuna Knobs.
It grants you the portability of your device and in combination with Tuna Knobs transforms your device into a midi controller.
This way you can control your software just like any other midi controller out there.

Midi controllers will control your music production software for you,
but Tuna Knobs in combination with your smartphone or tablet will do the same!
Even in a more portable solution.