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Wired UK – Attachable knobs for iPads are music to bedroom DJs’ ears

Tablets are revolutionising music production and DJ performances. But the absence of knobs to fiddle with seriously harms their appeal to old pros and imprecise touchscreens frequently turn flowing mixes into inelegant mash-ups. But what if you could just stick one to the screen?

DJ Tech Tools – Tuna Knobs and the Future of Mobile DJ Apps

Touch devices in a DJ’s gear bag is starting to become more of a common practice with better designed applications and faster devices. More performers, like The Glitch Mob, James Zabiela, and Kill Paris, are starting to rely on using touch devices in their sets. Even so, a group of DJs from the Netherlands feel there is something missing that many DJs require in a controller. Tuna Knobs are the world’s first control knobs for your touch screen. Keep reading for more about how Tuna Knobs work, what they can do for the DJ, and the team behind the project.

Musicradar – Tuna Knobs: put real controls on your touchscreen

Twisting knobs on a touchscreen isn’t a wholly unsatisfying experience, but what if you could actually stick real controls on there and turn those? That’s the premise behind Tuna Knobs, a new product from Rotterdam-based design office Tweetonig, which is set to launch as a Kickstarter project next month.

Beatport – Check Out These Touchscreen DJ Controller Knobs

Lost luggage? DJing a gig, but forgotten your controller? Unable to work with, or otherwise unfamiliar with the “mixer” that the illegal venue you’re being underpaid to play has so generously “provided” you? Interested in apps like TouchOSC, Lemur and Korg iElectribe, but missing the familiar feel of controller knobs? Kickstarter-funded, Rotterdam-based startup Tuna DJ Gear has apparently found a solution: Tuna Knobs.