If you are reading this text you are probably a TouchOSC user or interested in using TouchOSC.
If so you will love Tuna Knobs.
Tuna Knobs are just like rotary encoders on a midi controller that snap
onto your device you are using with TouchOSC giving you a hardware feel while using TouchOSC.

You can use TouchOSC to your liking, but use Tuna Knobs to adjust your rotary encoders giving you an unique hardware feel.
Tuna Knobs in combination with your device, is a very portable music production solution.
Some sets of Tuna Knobs come with a handy travel case. Just fire up TouchOSC,
snap your Tuna Knobs onto the screen and you are ready to go.
Tuna Knobs are compatible with various software applications.

About Tuna Knobs

Tuna Knobs are knobs that snap onto your smartphone or tablet.
This way you can control your music production software but the knobs will give you a hardware feel which is truly unique.
Control your music production software however you like it. The possibilities are endless.
For instance you can map various parameters to encoders in the software on your device.
Snap your Tuna Knob onto the encoder and you are able to make precise adjustments. Control almost any parameter you like.